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RE: Theoretical Monarchists

Resposta a este post.

Its just a matter of supporting mediocracy or not. Supporting monarchy for the sake of monarchy is much like saying "Everything for the sake of my mother, even though she is a degenerate alcoholic prostitute". Nothing can be less catholic or traditionalist then defending a principle just for the sake of its abstract meaning: we need to see its consumation. Modern monarchies are not defined power structures: they are historical accidents preserved only for the sake of preventing social unrest or to keep a misleading idea of continuity. That way modern monarchies are more evil than modern republics: they are the covers for a political agenda that seeks to undermine the sacred remnants of the old order, the organic ages of the world, before the venom of Reform and Revolution came to poison our institutions.

The problem with the Legitimist cause in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, etc. is not a mere cause of historical prejudice or overheated legalism: We Traditionalists are people of Absolutes - we can only live out of the mediocracy of moderation. As the Portuguese Antonio Sardinha once said:

"We are not conservatives - due to the passive conotation of the word. We are revivalists, with the energy and agressiveness renewals always have in human history. Our movement (Integralismo Lusitano) is one destined for war. We are destined to conquer - never to capture. We are not worried that our aspirations are irritating those who, due to their inertia, believe to be brothers to our cause"

Realism is not an argument to the restauration of a monarchy, for the instauration of a perverted good will not make a bad situation better.

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